A letter of thanks and grace for the time of paid service at Epicenter Community.

I would be remised if on my official last day I don’t put out a public statement in the most realness of terms to express my gratitude for my work and life experience attached to Malia Lazu and the Epicenter Community over these past 3 years.

Malia, you invested your time, patience and wisdom with me. You opened your heart and the door to you home in order that I could do and learn from this work, so I could feel the power of my own spirit within this movement. You reminded me of patience and energy and helped guide me back to my spiritual path. And for that, you will forever be in my heart and I will forever be your 6.

To the Boston Community, I cannot thank all of you enough for your heart and will to create based not only on passion, but with movement and in group. Wisdom runs deep here and the wisdom of this city is carried in all of you. You’ve opened your doors and your hearts. You’ve reminded me of voice over silence — of the collective ‘us.’

You reminded me of how to live- in work and in play and because of that I’ll always work from a place of service. Thank you all for your inspiration — your art, your culture, your language, your aesthetic, your conversation, and your honesty. You are all my muse and because of Malia and all of your time, your InKind contributions, and your work -Epicenter Community is now the future of Boston. We just flipped the paradigm.

How you like them apples?

I’ve got some parties in the works and ideas about collaboration and expanding access and wealth — doing projects that we love, meeting new people, going to new places, eating new food, and doing the things that inspire.

Let’s build this movement and fan this flame.


Saturday, October 8th:

7pm — 12am

Kickstarter Video Release Party: Erin’s Yoga Teacher Training sponsored by Wealth ‘The Series’ | Suggested Donation | More Details to Come

Saturday, December 31st :

YEAR ONE: Epicenter Evolutions

A Fundraiser for Epicenter Community | sponsored by ‘Wealth the Series’ | Tickets $150 | VIP tickets: $250 | More Details to come