Dear Black & Brown Brothers & Lovers,

As a white woman, I want to say, we see you. We see you as the men that we know you to be. We know the fetish, what we have been taught due to racist economics and mimics.

We are told that opposites attract. And a part of us knows that to be fact. We celebrate you in your culture and your vulnerability. We see your whole heartedness and can imagine you as children before this world whipped the label of race on your back.

We are taught in yoga from a nonviolent stance that we need to face everything and avoid nothing. But I see a lot of avoidance of both men and women. But as men of all colors and cultures, we know that you are not allowed to be the sensitive men that we all know you to be.

We can empathize with the rage and the discernment. We are women, if there is one thing we know it is rage. However just as we would tell our white brothers and lovers. We are not toys or pawns in a game. We are still in a process of learning to understand ourselves, just like you.

There is a baseline code of respect for all humans regardless of gender or race or sex. We do think that there needs to be conversations had between you and ‘other’ men. Serious conversations of economics and displacement. There is an important level of accountability that you need to hold, which many of you do not.

The power play in all of this white, brown, red or black is sex and economics.

Ownership is not a real concept. It’s has been drilled into our minds because of social economics and the selling of black and brown bodies.

But know that women were the first ‘objects’ in all cultures. And it for this reason that we ask all of you to first and foremost stand up in respect for the women of your tribe and after you come to know that respect extend it to all women.

The red thread that connects us all is the blood and air that fed all of us in the womb of a woman.

Leaders are born from doing something different, not by adhering to a status quo of patriarchy based economics — those that lock and bind women, and black and brown people and bodies. It’s sparked by those who have the conversations with honest self reflection when needed.

The more we understand each other the more opportunity we have to grow. And it’s the connection what will give us all more understanding of our souls.