Dolls House and Miniature Scene

Hello dear blog readers! I’m taking a quick break in my work for upcoming articles to share with you a sneak peek at the March cover of our great magazine! Doesn’t it look great? It’s got me excited already to get my issue.

From me we have several upcoming features coming soon. The decoration and furnishing of my Georgian dining room as well as a piece on the many wonders of miniature crochet! I’m very excited to show some of the amazing pieces I have collected for the dining room, as well as hopefully encouraging more miniaturists to pick up a crochet hook!

The wonderful aspect of dolls housing is that it uses and relies on many skills and crafts. It is essentially recreating life in 1/12 scale so it welcomes and uses all other crafts and arts in the effort to create a really powerful Miniature Scene.

(Cover image returning soon!)

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