A so-long-for-now post to the Bay Area

Mural near where I live by @freshcoastphotos, 2020

In two weeks, I’ll finish packing up my apartment in Oakland and take a 5-day drive down California and over to Austin, TX…my new home. It’s a statement that hasn’t really hit home quite yet. It probably won’t until after I turn my keys in and hit the road. And really, it’s understandable how distracted I am after reflecting on this past decade living in the Bay Area and all of the many experiences which were had.

🏘 Housing

More amazing nature to behold

Property for sale: Includes lovely rolling meadows, quaint hillsides, a small wooded lot and private backyard waterfall.

Note to the reader: This post is a continuation of our Iceland trip this past September. If you haven’t read that, I recommend that you stop now and read part I . There, I discuss our initial Iceland research, flights, packing tips and first half of our week there.

Exploring the land of 🔥 and ❄️

Northern lights magic

🐑 Overview

This trip was probably one of my favorite vacation experiences this year. It certainly checked off a few items from my life-fulfilling bucket list and I can happily say that we were really fortunate in terms of weather — which is so temperamental there! It can really make or break the overall experience.

Iceland had a few things going for it that made it so ideal for me.

  • 🍃 Beautiful nature
  • 💬 English/Western friendly
  • 📸 Photographers’ paradise
  • 🌌 Northern lights

Thom had a little trepidation with vacationing in a colder climate but I had wow’d him enough with google-searched images…

Observing the start of the migration in the Great Rift Valley

I’ve been back in the Bay Area for an entire season and I’m still going through images and video from my two and half week trip to Kenya. I have nearly 150gb of images and video…it takes time. 😅 It’s nice though, each weekend or spare night, I have a chance to sit down and relive some great memories.

I’ll admit, the thought of telling my trip overwhelms me. I’m having trouble trying to put together meaningful words without sounding too apathetic or awestruck. …

My ideal vacation would follow closely to completing the Tour du Mont Blanc. His would be to sit by a pool and read a book. Hawaii ended being our perfect compromise.

This past May we decided to celebrate our five year anniversary and take some time off to travel around Hawaii.

Breakdown of trip

  • Duration: May 20th — May 26th
  • Destinations: Maui and Big Island

Vacay Goals

Thom was more into a vacation where he could achieve sleep, finish a book, and lounge under a hot sun. I was itching to get active, be in nature, and stay away from my computer. We had talked about a trip to Japan or Korea but neither of us had the energy to give towards new urban exploration. After spotting some discount airline tickets, we felt that we could…

The 😇, the 💩, and everything 💬

This post details my two months of job hunting after a sudden lay off. I’ve included detailed information about interactions and opinions with interviews while removing specifics around sensitive things like company names. All accounts are of my own experience. My hopes with this post are to provide detailed insight on the job seeking process both for those looking and those providing.

Knowledge sharing is important to me and if anyone can benefit from my experience, I consider that a win. 🙌

🥒 Background

The day I got laid off from my job, I had…

Imposter syndrome is a concept describing high-achieving individuals who are marked by an inability to internalize their accomplishments and a persistent fear of being exposed as a “fraud”.

These images mark the start of a new series that I’ve been contemplating for a few years now. I suffer from imposter’s syndrome. It has plagued me since my teenage years. Those were the days when I was participating in every extra curricular activity that my school offered while maintaining a high GPA and still not feeling good enough. I was captain of my varsity field hockey team, juggling three part-time jobs…

In my previous post, I had mentioned my Donatable Tweets App or otherwise known as the simple idea of donating a dollar every time someone tweets. This post is a continuation of my journey building out the app, specifically with the sign on authentication piece.

Twitter has a tremendous API base with various ways to integrate each one. The last time I had used one of Twitters APIs was with Fabric during a MasterCard hackathon. (Go PairBears!) I had never tried to set up SSO before and the idea seemed daunting. Luckily it was easier than expected. …

Finally! A new project idea to get me back to web developing. Two years out of General Assembly and I have very little to show for any personal development outside of my job. (And even now, less so) It’s important for me to continue learning this new trajectory in my career. So I was pretty excited to have caught on an idea floating around my Facebook and just run with it.

The idea is simple:

Donate a dollar to the ACLU every time Donald Trump tweets.

Our second stay and fourth Airbnb in Amsterdam

I’ve been using Airbnb for about two years now in over six different countries. I’ve learned a lot from my experiences using their service — both the good and bad. And so I felt it was appropriate to write about those experiences, what works/what doesn’t, and any lessons learned along the way.

Erin Mahoney

UX developer and photographer. Sometimes I write things.

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