The White Feminist Checklist

How to be a predictable disappointment

  • Ignore/ discount the experiences and struggles of women from marginalized groups
  • Assume all women are white, hetero and CIS
  • But say you speak for all women
  • Ignore criticism from other women when you ignore or omit their voices and perspectives
  • Get defensive when people call you out on your priveledge
  • Co-opt ideas from black women without crediting them
  • Claim your cause is more worthy than other groups
  • Alliante the LGBTQ community by telling them to focus more on ‘women’s issues’
  • Make it all about you
  • Ignore the online harassment of black women until online harassment affects you personally
  • Claim people would be more outraged if the word women was replaced with a racial slur
  • Accuse people of racism when they criticize your white privilege
  • Ignore structural and systemic barriers
  • Downplay cultural appropriation and wear inappropriate clothing at music festivals
  • Be a TERF
  • Claim to care a lot but don’t do anything to change your limited views