Boost your engine of growth with chat and social value

Instant messaging is a fast growing sector, that is rapidly expanding to yet unexplored niches. Observing how the industry constantly evolves is an inspiring adventure. Being able to contribute to that growth, a great privilege. The differences and nuances are subtle and hard to spot to the untrained eye.

In this article we focus on businesses building apps with chat, or chat apps. Those businesses that we serve, from early stage startups to big corporates, are running after time, trying to avoid waste as much as possible. It is far too easy for those to fall in traps, such as focusing on the wrong KPI and metrics or choosing a technology that falls short rapidly and does not reach large scale. The impact is heavy as it slows down the growth and prevents the realization of the market goals and company vision.

As vendors and facilitators of such ventures, we helped many companies build and strengthen networks that grow naturally, by removing the burden of asset creation, providing a flexible set of highly technical components. Working together, we enabled a much faster and more efficient delivery of commodity features, while concentrating on the real added value that relies in custom features that are the true differentiators.

There are interesting lessons to be learned from those shared experiences. Taking advantage of true expertise you can get to the next stage without friction.

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