Democrats can’t have both
Brooke Butler

The simple reason that the Democrats did not win this election is they did NOT come out to vote in sufficient numbers. Obama had a much higher percentage and turn out of young people, minoritie- Blacks and Hispanics- and WOMEN than came out to vote this time round and so if you think that Hillary Clinton and the democrats were not going to take YOUR perspective well then you are about to try to survive in four years of a Trump presidency were I can assure you that YOUR interests are NOT the interests of Trump and his henchmen. If you care about your intersts then not only go vote but make sure all your friends, family and everyone else you might know goes out and votes TOO. You can blame Hillary, you can blame white people you can blame the democratic party for not picking Bernie Sanders, even as vice president but in the end you have only yourselves to blame for not getting out and putting in someone who has your interests in mind a whole lot more than Mr. Trump does, it is going to be a long cold and dark four years and if you are not ready, then it is going to be eight years. Get organized and more than being organized get off the couch and VOTE.

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