My word for 2020 is BRAVE.

Inspired by international speaker, Lauren Currie, who chooses a word each year to focus her energy and goals, I wanted to try this method too. For 2020 I’ve set huge goals for myself, including fitness, career and family goals, and felt I needed extra ammunition to help fuel my energy and focus to achieve them.

So I started to brainstorm my thoughts around the theme of being brave because fear of failure has always been a huge blocker in my life. I quickly discovered that this was the right 2020 word for me. …

How mentorship can shape your career.

Photo by Prince David on Unsplash

Fresh out of uni and looking for my first design job, I met my first mentor, David, who was a senior designer for a digital agency at the time. He also happened to be dating a close family friend of mine, so when he hired me as a junior digital designer, imposter syndrome kicked in, “I only got the job because David’s doing my family friend a favour”, “I’m not worthy of being here”, “What if everyone finds out I’m a fraud?” and every other negative, insecure thought a lot of young designers experience.

What David did was reassure me…

Ermi Isais

Senior UX/UI Designer / Mentor / Leader

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