Brave — my word for 2020

My word for 2020 is BRAVE.

Inspired by international speaker, Lauren Currie, who chooses a word each year to focus her energy and goals, I wanted to try this method too. For 2020 I’ve set huge goals for myself, including fitness, career and family goals, and felt I needed extra ammunition to help fuel my energy and focus to achieve them.

So I started to brainstorm my thoughts around the theme of being brave because fear of failure has always been a huge blocker in my life. I quickly discovered that this was the right 2020 word for me. What started as an initial brain dump (below), are now my mission statements for 2020.

To be BRAVE enough…

To SPEAK UP even if it makes me unpopular.

To take ACTION and support things I believe in.

To PUBLIC SPEAK and face my fear of being visible.

To be the FIRST to change and pave the way for other women who are struggling to be brave.

To CHANGE bad behaviours so I can improve my life.

To CHALLENGE leaders to be better and make decisions that will benefit the company and its people.

To LEAD by example for other women: positive, strong and encouraging.

To SURROUND myself with people that 100% support and inspire me to grow.

To RESIST succumbing to gossip and toxic people.

To CELEBRATE other women and their successes because I’m confident and secure in my own abilities and worth to praise other women I admire who deserve to be celebrated.

I hope you’ll find a word that will inspire you, motivate you and be a word that will help you focus your energy and determination in achieving your goals. Although words are great for inspiration, action is what accomplishes your goals.

What’s your method in helping you focus your energy on achieving your goals? What’s your word for 2020?

I’d love to hear your feedback!

UX Design Lead / Mentor