Wordpress is a website design strategy in Brisbane

What is word press?

Wordpress is a CMS (content management system) based on MySQL and PHP. It is a free and open source tool. It is used in web design because of its success rate. Wordpress is used in blogging. A blog is an essential part of a website. This system was founded in 2003 by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. Wordpress makes use of web template. On this website you will find helpful information on word press.

Features of Wordpress

Wordpress as mentioned above is widely used in websites. Its features are attributed to its wide use. Features of Wordpress web design Brisbane include:

1. Themes

Wordpress allows its user to switch between different themes. This simply means you can change the way a website looks and functions without tampering with the contents of the website. The only requirement to design a website using Wordpress is the existence of at least one theme. The theme should meet Wordpress standards; it should be designed using HTML and CSS. There are two options one can choose from when installing themes. One can either install the themes by uploading theme folders via FTP or install the themes directly using the ‘appearance’ icon available in Wordpress. These themes are free though some have to be paid for.

2. Plugins

Plugins are a feature in Wordpress. Plugins give Wordpress users the chance to alter and extend the functions and features of a website. The plugins available in Wordpress are many and each of the plugins offers different features. This only means the plugins are enough to meet the needs of different websites. You only have to make sure the plugin you choose is up to date.

3. Mobile compatibility

Wordpress is compatible with mobile phones. It is compatible with the different operating systems that mobile phones use, including WebOS, iOS, Windows, Horizon and Android. This compatibility is helpful since mobile browsers will have no problem loading Wordpress-designed web pages.

Wordpress is helpful in web design. This source will give you additional information on web design.

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