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Thousand Dollar Paperweight


My mother has always greeted me like this when calling me on the phone, in the same sing-song manner Timmy calls out for Lassie in…

Everything will be fine

Two sorta-related stories about genetics, mental disorders and walking on a Texas service road

Two or three months ago, I was diagnosed with adult ADHD.

“Not just ADD?” I blurt out. I was hoping for something a little milder, I guess.

“No,” Doctor Quesada says. He has a calm manner and looks up…

When a Californian votes in the Florida midterm elections

We’re no longer in hanging chad territory, but there’s still a lot to be improved on.

That Time I Went to Shen Yun

Come for the ribbon dancing, stay for the spiritual doctrine

On Easter Sunday, the day Christ rose from the dead coinciding with a…

Publications edited by Ernie Hsiung

A series of essays and excerpts of essays, inspired by entries of my old personal blog, Little Yellow Different.

The Gift of Efficiency

Or: The story of how I took my Chinese mom to a fancy restaurant on Christmas Day in 2006 and mild hilarity ensued

Why we Code for Miami

We’re a little different from other civic hacking brigades. Here’s why.

Miami is a unique and wonderful place. It’s the eighth largest…

The Milk Story (2013)

I was a chubby kid. This is a story about it.

If you were to take a photograph of my immediate family - which there wouldn’t be, because - you would see the following: my mom and dad looking like the standard elderly Asian parents of average weight. You would see this because my dad, who's in his 80s, is an ex-military dad with perfect posture…

Greek Columns on the Deck of the Titanic

A story of an Alaskan cruise and an aging parent

Mom takes really bad photographs. She knows it, too.


The multipurpose room of the Chinese for Christ Church in Berkeley, California had all the elements of what a non-denominational Chinese church should have, I guess: gray short-thread…

Whale, Five o’ Clock

Alaskan Cruise Diary Entry, Day 3

Today I spent $200 per person to go to Mendenhall Glacier and go whale watching.

On Jeffrey McManus

This afternoon, as I was wrapping up lunch, I got a phone call and learned that Jeffrey McManus passed away last night in his sleep of a heart attack. He was 46 years old.

Man. Where to start.

I am fortunate to know Jeffrey - as well as his wife Carole - as long as I have. At Yahoo!, I knew Jeffrey as the head of the Yahoo! Developer…