5 tips to start your day feeling awesome

1 of 3 people say they hate Monday more than any other days of the week. But why? Either you don’t enjoy your work and it’s not satisfying enough, or you just had a fantastic weekend of freedom and you feel like Monday came too soon. Regardless of the reasons, there are ways to improve your feelings towards the start of a week. Here’s 5 things that might help: (last point could be the best!)

  1. Get a head start
    Work on your schedule for the week during the weekend. It gives you some direction and goals to work on when you start on Monday. Best to plan something you would look forward to, e.g. a nice lunch meeting with a friendly colleague.
  2. Start your day fresh
    Instead of checking your Facebook or reading emails first thing after you wake up, try stretching for 3–5 minutes, maybe a few push-ups as well. Don’t let anything else disturb you during that time, have a moment for yourself.
  3. Get inspired
    This is a good hobby to have even if you enjoy your work. Get to know what other successful people are up to, feel their enthusiasm and the passion. Of course there are always hidden stories behind their success, but you could save those for later on the day.
  4. Be nice to people
    Such a simple thing could have huge impacts. Say “good morning” with a nice smile and “Hello” with little wave. Not only do you stay positive, you’re also making the world a nicer place for everyone!
  5. Weekday hobbies
    This is my personal favourite tip. Why? You want something to lookward to when the week starts. It doesn’t have to be work related. Simply something you enjoy doing, but make it specifically for weekdays only. Cheeky huh?

It’s never too late for good changes. The 5th point might take a bit of time to think about, but all of them could be done so easily. So give it a try and help to build a happier society ☺

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