What’s Behind The Man Behind The Curtain
Caitlin Johnstone

Caitlin you are the 1% percent.

The one percent of the population who still value the truth, and are less susceptible to emotional blackmail.

There are 4 criteria or “BS Filters” that help when it comes to good vs bad conspiracy theories:

  1. Are they ignoring the eyewitnesses? E.g. Some people say that all the videos of 9/11 were fakes — photoshopped!
  2. Are they receptive to new information? To claim a theory as incontrovertible is the #1 tell of a pseudo-science.
  3. What is the enemy doing? E.g. Some quacks still think the Americans were never on the moon. However -Eye-Witness- Buzz Aldrin must be ignored, AND, what did the enemies do? The USSR, China, DDR and the entire East Bloc acknowledged the fact that we made it on the moon and some even congratulated the United States. MEANS: you must make up another lie that the entire East Bloc was conspiring with the U.S. in this “moon thing”.
  4. When all else fails — follow the money. Never fails. Actually this should be #1 shouldn’t it.
  5. Bonus Filter, from Scott Adams: When there is 1.) the possibility to cheat, and 2.) the chances of getting caught are low, and 3.) there is a reason to cheat: the chances of foul play are 100%.

Anyway, cheer up! The gatekeepers are dying out right now before our eyes.

With the invention of the internet and Bitcoin, the next revolution is coming, even if the PTB don’t want it.

This is the change we’ve been waiting for :-)
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