That means the average American spends more than they earn so they have to borrow money to buy the rest of the things they spend on.
How to Be the Luckiest Person Alive, Again
James Altucher

The crux of the problem, our government does the same!


This mentality has been instilled in us since FDR put us on a path of suicidal Keynseianism.

As long as that #Cashflow is positive — things are good!

Yeah right, we are still paying back the debt of FDR.

Every generation, NEW generations are being born with this “born in debt” condition and no way out of it.

Because of ONE MENTALITY instilled , nee indoctrinated into us by politicians with King Louis XIV syndrome.

When the “cashflow status quo” see you going against the grain, of course -YOU- James Altucher must be mentally ill right?

Never forget, Galilleo was a minority of ONE, going against the Consensus, and he was right!