But that still isn’t enough to impel me to vote for Hillary Clinton.
Should evangelicals vote for Clinton or Trump?
Matthew Anderson

Ah, another suburban, white, male one-issue voter. Just so we are clear, you have *no* problem with the white power/white nationalism garbage that has become mainstream in this election thanks to Trump. That doesn’t bother you at all, because really, it doesn’t affect you personally: it’s okay to know that people of color are being harassed greatly with calls of “build the wall!” with *candidate* Trump, much less what’s going to happen if he were to win.

But you’re convinced that’s not possible, so you can treat Hillary to the full weight of your holier-than-thou opprobrium. Well, that *is* your choice, but then again, that choice is based on the false narrative of her being “the lesser of two evils.” And chances are very likely that you will be nowhere to be found in the mid-term elections, being the type of voter who pops up every four years to lecture others about your fantastically superior morals and ethics (always a sure sign of personal self-deception). If you were committed to the social contract and to American society, you would instinctively know that not every vote is about *your* personal, bumper sticker causes and about a greater good.

Evangelicals are the worst bunch in America today: petty, brutish, deeply hypocritical, and laughably judgmental, especially when crying foul when called on the carpet for failings and then blaming others. It’s no wonder that Adolph Hitler was more worried about the response of the Catholic Church than he ever was about Protestants denominations: they like fanaticism.

So please proceed, blogger. Ask what your country can do you for you, and to hell with others.

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