Searching For A Good Clean American Orgasm

The Surprising Secret To His Deepest Ecstasy

for you I traversed the Silk Roads

Because I’m About To Have Blood Come Out Of My Wherever

Insights From A Psychonaut

An Erotic Tale of Forbidden Love

pic via shutterstock

Does Porn Teach Men To Be Bad In Bed?

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Let’s Get Clear About Consent

image from Modern Romace by Penguin Books

Aziz’s Bad Date

Yesterday I read a story in Babe about Aziz Ansari and a terrible horrible, no good very bad date. The story was shared in the confessional, accusatory spirit of the popular #metoo movement and brought up a lot of questions for the general public around consent and sexual aggression in dating and relationships.

Musings on the “Cat Person” story, dating, #metoo, and contemporary romance.

Pua Nani

A few words on the sensuality of life. poetess ~ psychic visionary ~ artist ~ shamaness ~ lover ~ curvy goddess @eroticapoetica 🌺

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