This article made some useful points about some self sabotaging blocks but dogging massage therapy…
Pua Nani

There’s a few different things here. One: receiving massage therapy should not be included in a category with things that are considered “escapism.” Massage therapy is a vital practice for health and well being that is of an emotional, spiritual and physical nature. Is going for a work-out “escapism”? Is getting your teeth cleaned “escapism”? No, these are all just aspects of caring for your overall wellbeing that have a place within any healthy, vibrant, productive person’s normal day.

If the author is trying to make a point about procrastination as a form of self sabotage, perhaps the focus can be on doing something different when you are trying to get other things done. However for some people, when they are feeling blocked, stepping away from what they are working on and then going back to it gives space to help move through the block. For some people allowing the nervous system to relax in an activity that brings pleasure refuels the creative process so that they can return fresh to that activity later. I stand by my comment; I don’t like the negativity about normal healthy things that many people enjoy.