I Got Scammed By A Silicon Valley Startup
Penny Kim

Wow this is some serious sociopathy here. Reading about the behavior of this company’s leader reminded me very much of Donald Trump and his maneuvers. Blatant lying, ridiculous fallacious shows of doing something when you are doing nothing. Blowing huge quantities of other people’s money on ill advised ventures that are directionless and shoddy. It’s hard to believe that people can pull stunts like this off in the business world, and even sadder to see that someone that does this sort of thing can end up being elected President of the United States.

Con men utilize illusory imagery and exploit people’s sense of trust. For those of us with a moral conscience and sense of empathy, it is difficult to imagine that anyone is depraved enough to blatantly lie to us about things that are so impactful. Yet as your story illustrates, it actually does happen.

It’s important and valuable for you to share your story as you have done here. Being able to recognize the signs of a sham will allow more of us to make wiser choices. No one should have been taken in by Donald Trump’s con, but so many people wanted to believe that he could “make America great again” that they chose to ignore the red flags. Now all of America is being run like a shitty startup money pit.