The Real Internet of Things

The most recent book I’ve read is called The Real Internet of Things. When I first purchased the book I assumed it was about Internet of Things (IoT) security as that’s a hot topic and the author works in security. I was wrong but happy to be. The book was much more interesting than a book spreading fear, uncertainly and doubt. It was what I would call a futurology book. Talking about the ideas of how Internet of Things will integrate in our lives. It’s not about Smart Toasters or TVs, it’s about how our lives will be fully digitized. I don’t mean our information will just be in a database somewhere but living will be analyzed, presented, evaluated and analyzed all the time. Things like safety, hunger, job requests and more will be constantly analyzed to determine, by what the book calls a personal daemon and digital assistant, what actions are needed. The book talks about the potential of having all aspects of ourselves digitized and analyzed at all times. It’s an interesting world to think about and scary at the same time. I suggest giving it a read even if you aren’t that interested in technology.