Mobile App Programming Dallas TX: Follow Your Dreams!

Mobile app programming in Dallas TX is on the rise! Exciting news out of the MediaTech Dallas campus! One of our very own students in the Mobile App Development Program had his app approved by Apple and it is currently available for download in the app store! Rene Rodriguez designed and programmed the DS Candidate Prep Lite app which is an educational tool that helps reduce the need to pack extra study material when you’re not sure which module you’ll even be quizzed on.

Inspiration for the DS Candidate Prep Lite App — From Rene

The app came about from a simple idea, something that I currently had a need for.

I’ve been on and off and on in the military since 1996. Starting out in the U.S. Marine Corps and in 2009 switching over to the U.S. Army. From November 2009 through April 2010 I was in preparation to attend the Army Drill Sergeant Academy and had a three inch binder worth of study material. Throughout the course (from April through June) there were several moments where there would be limited opportunities to study, however without the binder it wouldn’t be an option. Throughout the training our days were long and study times were definitely short. Many times I wished I would’ve had something that would’ve made my life simpler.

Fast forward to present time. Now as both a Drill Sergeant and a Drill Sergeant Mentor I have had a new approach to training incoming Drill Sergeant Candidates. Almost mirroring the learning method I went through as a candidate myself. Then throughout the course for “Mobile Applications Development” I started framing out what it would be like to have the study material built into an app and readily available on my phone. From that concept I started creating the Drill Sergeant Candidate Prep App. Covering items from Drill Sergeant, NCO and Soldiers Creeds to teaching modules. Now our current Drill Sergeant Candidates can have access to the material at any time of the day without having to worry about carrying extra paperwork.

For more info on his app and to download it from the app store, click here.

With the rise of smart phone usage, it is no wonder that mobile app programming in Dallas TX is in demand. At MediaTech our mobile app development program is one year long and you will have the opportunity to design, code, text, polish and complete several professional applications and games that will be ready for release to the public. Have you always dreamed of designing apps? Do you have big ideas and need an avenue for your creativity? MediaTech is the place for you! We won’t just talk about app development, you will be instructed by seasoned professionals still working in the industry today who have the experience, knowledge and networks you need to succeed.
 ​Once you receive your diploma in mobile app programming in Dallas TX you will be prepared to enter the exciting word of app development in the following careers:

· ​Mobile Applications Developer

· Cloud Developer

· Game Designer

· Software Tester

· Website Developer

· Application Tester

· iPhone Programmeer

· Android Programmer

· Quality Assurance Director

· IT Specialist

For more information about how you can pursue your dreams of mobile app programming in Dallas TX, visit our website at or give us a call at 866–498–1122. The world is at your fingertips!

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