Mobile App Programming Houston, TX: Mobile Design Trends For 2016

If you are considering a career in mobile app programming in Houston, TX, you can be fairly certain that your job will never be boring or stagnant. Mobile app programmers and developers create apps for just about every kind and size of business and that means that no two apps will be exactly alike. In addition, mobile app programmers and developers work on the leading edge of computing technology in an exciting and constantly-evolving environment. If that sounds good, your first step is training in mobile app programming in Houston, TX at MediaTech Institute, which will make you ready for your second step — joining the thousands of mobile app programmers already adding these mobile design trends into their apps:

· Designing Apps For A Bigger Screen

Love them or hate them, smartphones with bigger screens are here to stay. The market for these phone/tablet, or phablet, devices is expected to keep increasing as the market for phones with smaller screens decreases. Making apps bigger to fit the big screen sounds easy but the challenge is to create apps that can accommodate the more limited thumb range on the big screen. On an iPhone 6, for example, less than a fourth of the screen is within natural thumb range, which can limit the usefulness of apps that require sweeping movements.

· Simplified User Interface

Simplified user interface begins with simplified design that is exemplified by flat design, which emphasizes clarity, simplicity and functionality. For 2016, that trend continues with the addition of minimalism, including using blank space as a design element.

· Swiping

In the past, interaction with apps meant pinching to zoom or tapping on tiny buttons. The trend for 2016 and beyond is swiping. A swipe is the most natural movement for app navigation and when it’s coupled with the trend toward using card layouts, in which information to be accessed is stacked like a deck of cards, it makes for an easy, efficient way to use an app.

· Creative Navigation

Though clear and easy navigation through websites and apps is best as a user experience, it is possible to get creative with navigation to enhance a user’s experience. These creative navigation techniques include vertical, horizontal, modular, infinite and parallax scrolling as well as hidden navigation.

· Designing For Wearable Technology

Though the trend in phones is bigger, the increasing use of wearable technology, like the Apple Watch, means that there is still a need for scaled-down apps that serve the needs of their users. Some of the design principles for these apps are:

– Glanceability — Presenting information the user needs quickly, at a glance
 — Incorporation of other senses — Adding vibration, audible alerts or voice dictation
 — Prioritizing privacy — Adding buzz notifications over displays and dimming screens when the device
 faces outward.

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