I don’t see how this additional information would have any bearing on my perception of you clearly…
Ken Rudich

Hi Ken,

Thanks for the response. It’s amazing that you’ll accuse me of condescension when that was actually the first thing you went to.

I’m not a child and I’m not looking for you to grade my article.

Of course it’s lopsided, it’s my position and you’ll find that I don’t generally straddle the fence when it comes to issues of human decency. My response was meant to squelch conversation, but that didn’t prevent you from typing a further 4 paragraphs about how dismissive and rude I am.

I’m sorry that I’m not polite enough for you. People are dying, Ken. I’m not here to have conversations with those who are still stuck on tone policing activists and organizers. The reason I suggested that you read my previous comments on my previous work was so that you could see how unmoved I would be by your concerns of indoctrination.

If this piece doesn’t speak to you then perhaps I’m not building a bridge to your particular mind-island at the moment. Sorry if you feel left out, but that was probably the intention.

Thank you again for commenting, hope you have a pleasant day.