This is an incredibly lopsided piece.
Ken Rudich

Hi Ken, may I ask you to research my previous work and responses as you’re not the first person to call into question my education or indoctrination? It’s really become a boring point for me to refute. As a 30 year old woman who speaks 4 languages and has an IQ over 150, I’m afraid it’s quite dull for me to continue to respond to these types of messages. Particularly when they’re written from the assumption that I’m just some poor university student who has just gotten her first taste of liberal arts.

Unfortunately, you see, your approach is not novel and could easily be posted under any piece I’ve ever written. Thus I’d prefer if you would research my past pieces and the responses to them, as well as my responses to those responses, so that we can both be approaching this conversation from the same place.

Thank you in advance.