Devember Log 1

Alrighty, so the first day of Devember is done and over with! Got one hour into working on Android Studio, and honestly it felt really good to get work done :P (I procrastinate a ton and sometimes just resort to doing lazy stuff like watching youtube). At least Devember is forcing me to work, otherwise I’ll meet community shame XD (Haha you guys are nice. It’s mostly because of the thrill with learning with ya’ll and reading your progress or feedback)


My goal, by the end of this Devember is to get LineageOS running on my phone. Fattire, is helping me out and teaching me how to do it, but before I do that, he is making me (D:) make an Android App. I pushed that back (2 months now) and I just want to get it done with, so I’m using Devember as an excuse. The reason/excuse that I pushed it back was because of college, but thankfully winter break is almost here soon. Why not wait till winter break? 1) I want to gain self control and 2) It seems fun learning with others. I think group learning is how I can break my procrastination :).

Yes I started learning Android Studio before Devember and my college programming course is about to end, but since I tend to get low morale, I decided to add these two as a morale boost and as a buffer if college hammers me one day and I have nothing to write about.

Learning Objectives in Devember:

  • College Python Course
  • Android Studio
  • LineageOS
  • Artificial Intelligence

What I did:

Today, I continued my Android development course by Google. I found other resources, but this was the best one. I primarily follow the CodeLabs website and don’t read the book (It’s so long and boring :/), so hopefully I learn everything I need to know on how to make an app :P.

I completed 1.3 and am now on task 3 of 1.4. Here’s what I learned:

  • How to add different ViewGroups (Vertical Scroll, Side Scroll, etc.) and use it to develop my app. This is helpful if you have long text. For some reason I was having trouble aligning the TextViews (textboxes) up with each other in the Relative View Group (a way to order the textboxes), so I compared it with the answer code and it still didn’t work. I’m unsure if it was a glitch in rendering (my computer is really old), but at the end I had to put constraints that connected each TextView to each other, which I’m pretty sure you shouldn’t do, but hey it worked ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.
  • Change the launcher icon. (would need to practice/ reference this because I don’t remember off the top of my head)
  • Add different activities to my app.

Wow… that hour doesn’t look like much when I typed it out…

Let me know if I have to define my lingo even more or change things up XD. Here’s my github repo for Devember and see you tomorrow!