Originally published at thewanderlustaddict.com on March 3, 2017

This newly married Japanese couple from Kyoto planned to have a different honeymoon by travelling around the world namely to 48 countries in 400 days .

Not only Kaz and Mariko Yamaguchi did take some awesome pictures from their honeymoon trip, but also they decided to film it in a very different way using a DJI Phantom 3 Advanced drone to document their adventure.

Using a drone was a brilliant idea as it shows much wider point of view of the place they are visiting of course thanks to their well positioning in each place they filmed.

This gives…

The only Step-by-step guide you’ll need for building WordPress websites

I wrote this post originally on a newly created travel blog thewanderlustaddict.com, one of the websites Irecently built.

This is our first blog post in The Wanderlust Addict travel blog, as you can see on our About page we created this blog to share our passion for travel with all wanderlusters out there and to share useful travel tips.

While building the website we found that nowadays it’s pretty simple and quick to get your blog, business or idea on your website online to show it to the world.

That’s why we though it’ll be useful to share the steps…

No more wasted time in manual campaign maintenance

I was opening my Facebook Ads manager to check a running campaign and I was surprised to see a new button on the right side of my Ads manager saying “Create Rule”

Including 20 Things to do in Lisbon

Ponte 25 de Abril bridge

Lisbon is Portugal’s hilly, coastal capital city perched on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean with an easy-going charm that makes it a popular year-round destination.Before finishing your visit to Lisbon, I assure you’ll be already planing your next visit back here .

During the last year many of my friends came to spend some of their vacations here in Lisbon , and I was usually asked to prepare a mini program with some recommendations on what to do in the city , step by step I found myself building a 7 day guide for my friends that I used…

With a list of speeches and startups I liked the most all with videos and links

MEO Arena (Center stage) — Image by Web summit team

I was lucky to participate as a part of the Web summit team that was held last week here in Lisbon between 7th and 10th Nov , I wanted to share my 4 days story , how was it from my point of view, what was done and which exhibiting startups and speeches caught my attention .

What’s Web summit?

The web summit is a huge technology conference held yearly since 2009 where you can find startups in the idea phase and also CEOs of the biggest…

Welcome to our blog where we’ll be sharing our ideas, findings and even our progress with you .

Our Mission

In MEY , our only mission is to hear you speaking fluent Portuguese and to reach this goal we are doing our best to provide the best and most adequate learning experience for your needs and schedule .

We all know how does it feel to be a foreigner in a country where you can’t communicate with people on the streets in their own language , you can’t order your food without asking the waiter if he speaks English ,it’ll not take…

Eslam Tolba

Engineer by profession, casual blogger, travel lover, founder of Eguru and currently building websites for small businesses at https://eguru.website/

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