Visiting Lisbon , Here’s your 7 day plan

Including 20 Things to do in Lisbon

Eslam Tolba
Nov 19, 2016 · 9 min read
Ponte 25 de Abril bridge

Lisbon is Portugal’s hilly, coastal capital city perched on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean with an easy-going charm that makes it a popular year-round destination.Before finishing your visit to Lisbon, I assure you’ll be already planing your next visit back here .

During the last year many of my friends came to spend some of their vacations here in Lisbon , and I was usually asked to prepare a mini program with some recommendations on what to do in the city , step by step I found myself building a 7 day guide for my friends that I used to share with them by email before coming and now thought I should share it in public so as many people as possible can make good use of it .

Ascensor da Gloria

Let me start first with some notes about the plan :

  • All places mentioned here are according to my personal preference and they are all clickable with links to their location on Google maps
  • I’ll mainly use public transportation but of course taxis are also available in all touristic places ,just need to search for a taxi parking to take one , or alternatively you can use Uber/MyTaxi both work great and can be cheaper too .
  • The plan is for 7 days , so according to how long you will stay you can drop or merge days
  • For easier use of public transportation and instead of paying single tickets each time you can buy Zapping card from the machine from the nearest metro station ,you will charge some money in the card while purchasing it , I think 10 or 15 euros will be enough for the week and in case needed you can recharge it from the same machine, the card will enable you to ride the metro , yellow buses (carris) , tram and the ferry to the south part of the river .
Carris Buses , the ferry and the tram
  • This is the metro map , you have 4 lines Blue, green, red & yellow , they are pretty simple and can take you to most of the nice places, the grey line is for the trains.

Indulge yourself in the heart of the city.

  • Take the metro to reach a station called Marques De Pombal where the blue and yellow line intersect.
  • Exit the metro station then continue walking through Avenida Da Liberdade (a very wide street starting at the big square) until reaching “Restauradores Square
  • Pass Restauradores and continue to “Rossio Square” , you are now in the heart of city center
  • Take Breakfast/snack in Padaria Portuguesa (near Baixa-chiado metro station) — try to drink Galão
  • Go to Castelo de Sao Jorge the view is great up there. Take bus 737 from Praca Da Figueira to the castle or if you are willing to climb the hill , do a 20 minute walk around up to the castle.
  • Go back down to Chiado either by the same bus that took you up or walking down the hill to Rua Augusta through Miradouro Portas do Sol and Alfama where you can buy some souvenirs , keep walking until you reach the river in Praca do Comercio
  • Now it should be around dinner time , you have plenty of restaurant in the same street “Rua Augusta” with different cuisines and plenty of options and if you want Halal food there is a nice shawarma place very near to you(Recommended Menu 1) .
  • Before going back home go back to Chiado and have an ice cream from Gelados Santini (choose the small cup/cone- 2 flavors- the coconut is a must )
  • Go home with the same blue line in the opposite direction.

Prepare your money, It’s Shopping Day!

Take the metro (blue line) and exit in stop called Colegio Militar/Luz and visit Colombo (shopping mall) , this mall will cover almost all the shopping needs it’s very big and has a lot of shops and options and a nice food court too, shopping is quite nice in Portugal so bring empty bags and much cash .

Pasteis De Belem
  • And of course don’t miss to pass by Pasteis De Belem (where you left the tram) , you can eat there anything if you want but the most important is to try the “Pasteis De Belem” you’ll find a long queue for it(Tip: Don’t go for the queue. Go inside and check this centennial building with its different rooms. Find a table and order here. You are much more comfortable and don’t have to wait in line. Order 2 or 3 , add sugar and cinnamon on top of it. On the exit checkout the kitchen where they are always manufacturing this beautiful sweets)
  • On the other side of the road in front of Pasteis De Belem , you can see McDonald’s , if you go behind it (towards the park) you’ll find a long line of nice restaurants that have many options to choose from .
  • After this you can walk towards the river (leaving pasteis de belem in the back) until you reach the main road , pass to the other side through the tunnel to reach “Padrão dos Descobrimentos” and then keep the river on your left and walk with the people until you reach “Torre De Belem” there is a great park there to sit a bit and relax .
  • From the park back to the street , pass to the other side using the white bridge and go straight to the next road to find the tram station take the same tram 15E towards “Cais do Sodré”. Walk around a bit and then climb up to Baixa/Chiado metro to go back to the hotel.
  • Take the blue line to reach a station called “Sao Sebastiao” and from there change the metro and take the Red line towards Aeroporto and exit in “Oriente” , in this place you have a couple of things
  • Vasco De Gama mall for shopping if still needed
  • After you walked around the shopping mall head outside to find “Parque das Nações”. Here you can walk around, enjoy outdoors and have a good lunch. The Portuguese cuisine is famous for it’s Cod-Fish and you can try it at D.Bacalhau (ask for the mix. It’s very good and you can try 3,4 ways).
  • After that you can walk along the river to reach the start point of the cable car , buy a one-way ticket and when you arrive you’ll find yourself beside the Oceanarium which is really worth a visit.

Note: This is a beach day

  • 1st option is “Caracavelos beach” — You can use the same train in the next point and exit in Carcavelos
  • 2nd option is in Cacais — it’s a city near Lisbon , you can go by Metro blue line towards “Santa Apolonia” and change to green line in “Baixa-Chiado” and take it towards “Cais Do Sodre” , from cais do sodre you can take the train (this is the start of the line) till the final station (Cascais)
  • In Cascais you can exit the train station and keep Mcdonalds on your right and go follow this street until you reach the beach , the place is quite nice to enjoy and they have some nice restaurants to try , one of them is at the round about in front of the train station called “100 Montaditos” they serve 100 kinds of Spanish tapas , you can order 5–7 sandwiches to be full
Pena Palace -Sintra

If you are planning to visit Sintra and Capo Da Roca , it must be a complete day starting 9 am , you’ll be back around 8 pm

Sintra — A very lovely place where you have a huge mountain and on top of the mountain there is a Moorish castle and a palace called “Pena palace” , to go there you can take the metro blue line towards Santa Apolonia and exit in “Restauradores” from there you can walk for 2 minutes to “Rossio Train station” , from there you can buy a day ticket (15 EURO) that will cover the train and the buses in Sintra and Cabo da Roca and your train back to Lisbon ,take the train directly to Sintra .

In Sintra , you will use 2 buses , both are taken outside of the train station

  • 1st bus , 403 (Sintra — Cascais) this will take you outside of Sintra towards Cascais and it passes by Cabo Da Roca, you’ll have to exit the bus in “Cabo Da Roca” , this is the most western point in mainland Europe a very nice view of the ocean and very windy (even when it’s sunny ) you have the same bus coming from Cascais going back to Sintra and also passes by Cabo da roca each 30 minutes or 1 hour , so you have either 30 minutes or 1 hour to spend there which is enough and you can go back to Sintra to start the castle and the palace tour.
  • When you are back to Sintra , you can take the circular bus 434 , this bus leaves from the train station and stops in 3 stops , Historic center , Moorish castle and the Pena Palace , and then back to the train station .(You can take this bus and get out in each stop spend some time and then take it to the next stop and so on , until you reach back the train station and take it back to Lisbon)

I would recommend , visiting the castle and the palace then in your way back visit the historic center and walk back to the train station (20 mins walk)

Note: This is a shopping day

The day will be in Free Port (outlet mall) and it needs around 6 hours , there is 2 options to go there :

Easy option :

There is a shuttle bus from Marques De Pombal bus station near the big park , there are 2 times available for the buses leaving from Lisbon (10 AM and 1 PM) and 2 times available for the buses leaving from Free port (4:30 PM and 7 PM) ,the ticket is for 10 EURO and if you took the bus to go at 10 AM you must go back in the 4:30 PM bus and same for the other times , all details are here but in Portuguese so try to translate the page (Translated page here)

Long option:

  • Go by Metro red line to Oriente station , and from there take the TST bus number 431 (To Montijo) and exit the bus in the free port station (the bus driver will say)
  • The bus schedule can be found here ( the upper part is departing from Montijo , and it arrives the free port after around 20 minutes and the lower part is departing from Lisbon — Oriente)

I hope this plan will be useful for your trip in Lisbon , enjoy the lovely city, the amazing weather,the delicious food and most of all make friends with the people who will make you feel at home…..

Eslam Tolba

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Engineer by profession, casual blogger, travel lover, founder of Eguru and currently building websites for small businesses at

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