Web summit Lisbon 2016 Highlights

With a list of speeches and startups I liked the most all with videos and links

MEO Arena (Center stage) — Image by Web summit team

I was lucky to participate as a part of the Web summit team that was held last week here in Lisbon between 7th and 10th Nov , I wanted to share my 4 days story , how was it from my point of view, what was done and which exhibiting startups and speeches caught my attention .

What’s Web summit?

The web summit is a huge technology conference held yearly since 2009 where you can find startups in the idea phase and also CEOs of the biggest Fortune 500 companies along with great speakers from all over the world.

Before starting the story , this video is a quick hint on how awesome it was this year .

A look back on the Web summit Lisbon 2016

And these are some quick numbers that were released after the closure of the web summit:

-There were 53,056 visitors this year from 166 countries including 677 speakers, 2000 journalists, 1490 Startups and 1300 investors
-42% of participants were women
-20 Terabytes of data were downloaded, something that a single user would take 30 years to achieve
-As per Cisco’s numbers , there were 67000 registered devices on the network
-4 million views for the live streaming of the 4 days on Web summit’s page

And as it was already announced on their website , there were some really interesting and valuable speakers expected in the 3 days such as :

Lisbon city center

The Story

It all started last year when there was a big movement calling to bring the web summit to Lisbon with the popular hashtag #LXwebsummit16 and there were some good articles written on the reasons to bring the web summit to Lisbon in 2016.

One day I woke up and found the happy news that Lisbon will host the Web summit for 3 consecutive years 2016,2017 & 2018 .

And I believe this was the right decision to have the web summit in a city that has such growing and promising startup ecosystem , this video was done by Invest Lisboa about Lisbon’s creative ecosystem .

The good luck

Last September , I got an invitation to participate as a local guide in a newly founded startup called “Local Eyes Lisbon” I knew the great team behind this startup and I liked the idea and what they are doing , so I decided to join them as a local guide in Lisbon .

Our first mission as local guides was to host the pub crawl and night summit during the 4 days of the Web summit here in Lisbon, so they selected some of the applicants to participate and I was one of the lucky selected people .

Ponte 25 de Abril — Lisbon

Fast Forward >>

It’s Nov 7th and tonight is the opening of the Web summit in Lisbon at 6PM in MEO arena and then the 1st pub crawl will start at 8PM.

We , as local guides were already doing the registration and preparing to host our groups during the web summit in nice place called MusicBox in Cais Do Sodré ,the area where big part of the night summit will take place .

The plan was to have around 250 local guides and a pre-agreement with around 60 spots in the 3 areas where most of the bars are located in the city center (Bairro Alto , Rua Das Flores & Cais Do Sodré) .

Each 2 local guides are co-hosting a group of people that they’ll be meeting at the first spot , stay for a while there and then move to the next spot and so on.

The first night

Night summit at the Pink Street-Image by Web summit team

The first night went better than expected , I met my co-host and we waited in the first spot in Rua Das Flores for our group to come , after some delays in the registration in the main area where Web summit was held (Feira Internacional de Lisboa & MEO Arena) the people arrived a bit late around 8:30pm , but as time went by we had a nice multinational group with us including many nice people who spent the rest of the night in Lisbon streets networking and meeting more people .

The first day

9:15 in the morning I was in the queue to enter the Web summit , the queue was very long and the organization was not perfect as there were some bottle necks on the way in.

The web summit was taking place in Feira Internacional de Lisboa with it’s 4 pavilions 3 of them for exhibitions & MEO Arena as a center stage .

Mike Schroepfer — Facebook CTO

Everyone was rushing to the center stage to see the first speech by Mike Schroepfer (Facebook CTO) speaking about the next 10 years plan for Facebook, and it was worth the rush.

The web summit team was always pushing notifications through the mobile app reminding you of important events and speeches happening through the day , and one of these reminders was to not miss the Test drive of the new BMW i3 .

My ride for 15 minutes

I didn’t think twice and found myself waiting in the queue to register to make the test drive , which was a very nice experience during that 1st day .

I continued the day jumping from one pavilion to another checking the exhibiting startups and attending some speeches in the center stage until it was time for everyone to gather in the center stage for the last speech of the day hosting the football stars Luis Figo talking about Dream Football and Ronaldinho talking about Zoome and the MEO arena was completely full.

And the awesomeness went on ..

The 2nd night summit was also very fruitful networking with different people from different countries and hearing some nice interesting stories about their lives and startups .

On the 2nd day in the morning , I was again in the queue entering to the web summit and everyone noticed that there was a big improvement in the organization of the queues and the path were people are let into the pavilions which made it much easier to be inside checking startups in a little time .

The same goes for the 3rd night and 3rd day , I was always trying to attend speeches that caught my interest and in between walk through the 3 pavilions where all startups are exhibiting and talk with startups who caught my interest .

Pitch contest

During the 3 days of the summit there were 3 stages for startups to pitch their projects and in the 3rd day we had 3 finalist :

1- KUBO : The educational coding robot for kids, started as a research project at Social Technology Lab from the University of Southern Denmark. The goal of the project was to investigate and develop new and better ways for young children to learn with and about technology

2-PapayaPods : A rental housing marketplace and management tool anyone can use to rent out or sublet an apartment, manage a shared flat and handle everything quickly, in one place.

3-Soiltron : A technology which is capable of generating continuous power by just planting any of their devices in the soil.

And the winner by the end of the day was KUBO

My Lists

I’ll list here some of the speeches that were quite interesting with videos and later the startups I liked .

The speeches

All the videos and relevant description are from Web summit Facebook page.

1- Ten years from now- Mike Schroepfer, CTO of Facebook

Forward planning in most companies focuses on the next 12 months, but for Facebook it’s the next ten years. Mike Schroepfer walks us through what is in store for the next decade at the company

2- Every Country Will Be Digital- John Chambers of Cisco

We are currently going through the biggest digital transition in history and if companies and countries don’t adapt they will die. What needs to be done to make sure countries and companies do not get left behind in this changing landscape?

3- Do footballers make good entrepreneurs?- Luís Figo of Dream Football and Ronaldinho of Zoome

Does success on the playing field translate to success in business? Two of the greatest footballers of all time reflect on their playing careers and how they are as competitive as ever.

4- Upvoting and the hidden hand- Alexis Ohanian of Reddit, Ryan Hoover of Product Hunt and Kurt Wagner of Recode

Does upvoting give us a clear ability to predict the future? The founders of two of the hottest online communities talk about the power and limitations of aggregated approval.

5- A new era of mobility: Autonomous driving in 2021- Elmar Frickenstein of BMW

What has to be done to be ready for the future of autonomous driving in 2021? BMW sets out its key facts.

6- What are games companies doing that you’re not?- Gabriel Leydon of MZ

What MobileZone are doing in their marketing strategies and advertising campaigns

7- Love and tech in the time of Tinder- Sean Rad of Tinder

Tinder is moving beyond dating to a place where it is really about discovery. Whether it’s a person, a group, a political party, an advertiser’s product, or a job, Tinder is expanding beyond what was originally envisioned.

8- What next for the biggest game in the world?- Mike Quigley of Niantic

Pokémon Go has been the success story of the year so far. Niantic will explain why its overnight success was long in the making, and what they are planning next.

9- The age of moonshots and Hyperloop One- Shervin Pishevar of Sherpa Capital, Josh Giegel of Hyperloop One

When Elon Musk dreamed up the revolutionary high-speed transport system Hyperloop, not many ever believed it would come to pass. However we now stand on the precipice of a mjor breakthrough. With full testing starting early next year, what can we expect to see?

The Startups

(In no specific order)

1-OKIKO (okiko.com)

OKIKO is a secure platform where children can manage their pocket money online and buy suitable products on the internet.

2-Look (look-app.net)

Where you can ask anyone to be your webcam at any place in the world through LOOK.

3-Impressivo (impressivo.net)

Making fabric-based touch interface that can be embedded in clothing in style and serve as a touch interface .

4-Renderforest (www.renderforest.com)

Renderforest is free online video and animation maker. Easily create family, wedding or travel slideshows with music, promotional animations, explainer or animated business videos, logo or intro animations, event invitations, kinetic typography and more

5-AMANO (www.amano.io)

AMANO makes mobile apps Progressive apps. This means the apps don’t need to be downloaded. Users don’t need to go to an app store to get them.

6-ViwoMail (viwomail.com)

Viwomail transforms traditional email by allowing you to embed video that plays automatically in your customer’s inbox

7-Flixel (flixel.com)

Living photos created with Flixel Cinemagraph apps are the hottest new visual medium in the world of Facebook,Twitter and Instagram Ads.

This is a sample of their brilliant images :

8-iiContact (www.iicontact.net)

It’s a mobile app enabling 2 people who made eye contact and felt good vibe but didn’t swap details to reconnect .

9-Sprayprinter (sprayprinter.com)

SprayPrinter is a handheld printer that works with spray paint. With the help of our mobile app and SprayPrinter device you can easily transfer images from your smartphone onto walls yourself.

10-SIGRA (www.sigratech.de)

SIGRA Project fields

Developing advanced automotive systems for electric and autonomous vehicles

I know this was a quite long post but I just wanted to share the good experience I had during this Web summit and looking forward for the next year :)