Web summit Lisbon 2016 Highlights

Eslam Tolba
Nov 15, 2016 · 9 min read
MEO Arena (Center stage) — Image by Web summit team

What’s Web summit?

A look back on the Web summit Lisbon 2016

Lisbon city center

The Story

The good luck

Ponte 25 de Abril — Lisbon

Fast Forward >>

The first night

Night summit at the Pink Street-Image by Web summit team

The first day

Mike Schroepfer — Facebook CTO
My ride for 15 minutes

And the awesomeness went on ..

Pitch contest

And the winner by the end of the day was KUBO

My Lists

The speeches

The Startups

SIGRA Project fields

Eslam Tolba

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Engineer by profession, casual blogger, travel lover, founder of Eguru and currently building websites for small businesses at https://eguru.website/

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