Stacking Habits : Your guide to dramtic changes

Have you ever wanted to build new positive habits that charge your mentality and promote your social and financial Position?

Of course you are, congratulation you are now reading the right post which will inform you about the whole process with simple definitions and practical small steps to achieve your success based on what you are actually doing!

Most of us know what we can do to improve our lives but we don’t know is how to add a series of small changes to a simple-to- follow framework.

sure you know that spending 20 minutes per day reading will make you smarter and doing your workout on daily basis will make you healthier and in better shape but are you doing these things every day ? If your answer is No then you will enjoy reading this post to outline this simple-to- follow framework that will help you maintain and continuously improve your good habits.

Well, What is Habit?

Habit are your automated actions that shapes your behavior, or simply things that you do without thinking, planning or take a decision about them.

Originally, How habit is formed ?

Neuroscience states that once you started to learn or do something , connection between neurons is established and it becomes more strong the more you repeat or practice what you are doing or learning.

Once these axon connections are established it became a form of pattern that your brain will used automatically when doing this action or practicing this skill.

And this basically how your habits are formed.

Stack habit : Build new positive Habits

Stacking habits simply means that you build the new desired habit by relating it with preexisting habits included in your daily routine.

Quick example of that, is spending Two minutes meditating just after brushing your teeth in the mooring. This small change of daily meditation will be gradually add it’s self to your simple-to- follow framework.

Changes comes best in small steps , one step at a time , and one habit at a time .

Follow this and you will be surprisingly more productive.

The quickest way to build a new habit into your life is to stack it on top of a current habit.

Because the current habit is strongly wired into your brain already, you can add a new habit into this fast and efficient network of neurons more quickly than if you tried to build a new path from scratch

How to Stack Habits ?

Core idea behind building new habits is that you can build a major habit by thinking small enough to get started.

You need to add small habit above your daily routine and do it frequently to make them your new Habits and in short time you feel better and smarter.

Also it has been said that the average person’s short –term memory only retain seven chunks of information ,so you should learn how not to strain your memory cognitive load which is secret that automate the whole process.

to make this guide practical as possible I will support you with These advices I have highlighted from S.J SCOTT interesting book Habit Stacking : 97 small life changing that take 5 minutes or less which definitely will help you make your habit stacking much better.

1- Each Habit took less than 5 Minutes

Each new habit in your stacking should take less than 5 minutes to accomplish so you do not need much time commitment and this made the process easier.

2- IT’s a complete Habit

What me mean here with a complete habit is the action that can’t be build upon. For example exercising is not a complete habit as it can be build upon , it could be decrease or increase or even vary in time ,intense , and many other variables and that is NOT how things done with habit stacking.

You need to choose habits that took short time and don’t significally vary like making your bed , It is the same Action every day.

3- It simple to complete

Choose simple habits that can be fitted in the 5 minutes routine to encourage you to do it and feel your achievements.

4- It follow a checklist

Habit stacking is not meant to be a guessing game or to be improvised on a day to day basis.

It should be a set of actions done by the same way, in the same order, each day.

And one of best ways to achieve this is by following checklist. That way, you will monitor your tasks and feel a sense of accomplishments.

Simply write out a list of the current habits that you do each day, Then, write out a second list of the habits you want to start. Finally, pick one habit and look for the appropriate place to stack it.

Consider this 4 items in your newly stacked habits.

Start Staking Habits: Now!

Here are some useful habits that you can stack to your routine today :-

- Planning Habit : Just before I sleep , I will schedule and prioritize the next day tasks.

- Exercising habit : before taking my morning shower , I will Do 10 Pushups .

- Reward habit : after I accomplish any task , I will reward my self.

- Cleaning habit : after I finish my work I will arrange my workplace.

Customize your habits , start small , and keep following them to achieve a dramatic change.

Happy stacking.

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