Meet our employee, Peter who has been with us for a little more than a year and a half, but already had multiple positions within Esoft Group.

What’s your role at Esoft?

Well, my former title was SCRUM Master and Team Lead for our marketing automation tool, Shine. I actually started as a backend developer on Shine, however, our CIO, Michael Sloth and I soon found out that I wasn’t needed in that area of expertise. So, I changed from backend developer to Team Lead where I got the SCRUM education.

SCRUM is basically a method to work. It’s an agile working technique where you…

What’s your role at Esoft?

My role at Esoft is photo editing. I’m working on the Green team which handles one of our biggest clients — and I’m in charge of that client. I’m only 19 so it’s a great responsibility I’ve been given, and I’m really happy about that.

How did you end up working with editing? Did you have any role models, special interest or something?

Well, I’ve always had an interest in Photoshop and after High school, my brother asked me to come to Hanoi and learn more about Photoshop. I did and after I finished my courses, I found Esoft via Facebook and now I’m here.

Which one of our values do you work with the most during a normal workday?

The values that I see the most in my daily work are definitely…

Generic housing ads? No thanks

It’s becoming more common to include people in real estate images.
The Swedish real estate agency Fastighetsbyrån is already aware of this trend and they are leading the way by including more people in their real estate images.

A survey from Fastighetsbyrån shows that many home buyers are tired of clichéd and generic housing ads. This survey also shows that almost every other Swede perceive housing ads as a cliché.

I think, among other things, that the result is based on general tiredness around a reality that is polished and retouched for the like of marketing profits and social media…

Our Group Business Controller, Martin Sørensen, recently graduated with his Master’s in International Business & Management and wrote his thesis on Robotic Process Automation in collaboration with Esoft while being a student assistant in our finance department.

During the article, Martin is telling why he chose to write his thesis about Esoft, What his thesis is about if he could apply his results at Esoft and much more. But first, what is Robotic Process Automation?

What is Robotic Process Automation?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the deployment of “software robots” to automate tasks previously performed by humans. It is essentially a piece of software capable…

Advertising is not a new concept at all in the world of people trying to sell their products. Through the ages, everything from pamphlets and flyers to TV commercials and billboards has helped make brands and products alike become noticed by the masses.

The real estate market is a special case in terms of advertising

If we look at it historically, advertising quickly went from scattershot to targeted, with posters and billboards being in the areas where the intended audience would otherwise congregate. As new mediums appeared, people would advertise for cooking machines in housewife magazines and tools in TV commercials appearing between shows aimed at the more handy segment. As each…

Say hello to Mads, our QA expert in Hanoi, Vietnam. Mads is originally from Norway, but he now lives in Vietnam with his wife.

What’s your role at Esoft?
I am currently a Quality Assurance Expert (QAE) in photography at Esoft Vietnam.

How long have you been working at Esoft?
I started working at Esoft at the beginning of 2019, so I am still a very “young employee” in that sense.

How did you end up working with Quality Assurance? Did you have any role models, special interest or something?

I have a background from commercial photography (3-years apprenticeship in…

Esoft Tomorrow with +100 participants was a symphony of technical knowledge and prognoses for the future

With Odense Harbour as its picturesque backdrop, real estate agents, managing directors and others in the property industry got a taster of how the future will look on the property market at Esoft Tomorrow. In addition to topics such as artificial intelligence, PropTech and social media as well as sustainability and the perfect home presentation, there was also the opportunity to show the world the journey that Esoft has embarked upon. This article highlights some select messages from the event, but common to all of them are innovation, innovation and innovation.

Esoft Tomorrow was a blast!

Esoft Tomorrow ´19 was all about the future within real estate. We focused on the consumer experience and how we will present listings in the future, including how social media and the use of video change will change the presentations and how AI be the driver for the future.

See our recap video here:

Originally published at on September 9, 2019.

When people look for new homes today, they generally do so online via websites and social media. This creates new demands in terms of how to showcase a property, thereby making the digital presentation of houses and apartments more important than ever. Consequently, one constantly needs to keep up to date with the latest online marketing trends in the real estate industry and their impact on the needs of potential buyers.

This blog post aims to inform you about one of today’s major digital trends — the interactive tour. …

Imagining the future of real estate

August 28, 2019, real estate’s best and brightest will come together in Odense for Esoft Tomorrow, where we will define and debate the future of Real Estate.

Our focus will be on the Consumer Experience with following themes: “How will we present listings in future?”, “How shall we market them?”, “Will social media and the use of video change the presentations?”, “What do you need to know about sustainability and how can you use it?”, And last but not least, “Will AI be the driver for the future?”. …


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