6 Common Pitfalls to Receiving Guidance

These are straight from “Knowing God” by J.I. Packer (chapter 20, “Thou Our Guide”). Obviously, this book has a theological bent, but these principles apply to all of us when it comes to seeking and receiving guidance.

  1. An unwillingness to think. “God made us thinking beings, . . .”
  2. An unwillingness to think ahead. “Weigh the long-term consequences of alternative courses of action.”
  3. An unwillingness to take advice. “It is a sign of conceit and immaturity to dispense with taking advice in major decisions.”
  4. An unwillingness to suspect oneself. “We dislike being realistic with ourselves.”
  5. An unwillingness to discount personal magnetism. “Outstanding people are not, indeed, necessarily wrong, but they are not necessarily right, either!”
  6. An unwillingness to wait. “God is not in such a hurry as we are.”

(Source: Knowing God)