There Is NOT a Biblical Case to Stop Being a #NeverTrumper

So this has been going around my social media feed:

I read the whole thing looking for the bible-based wisdom, and could not find it at all. The one illustration (Luke 9) the author uses is completely out of context (and then he/she blames us for taking it out of context).

My big problem with self-defined Christians is when they hijack the bible in order to back up their preconceived points. The Bible is not our thesaurus. It’s the account of how God is redeeming our broken world.

A couple of specific issues I have with this article. 1) Does the Bible ever tell us to choose between the lesser of twoevils? 2) Does the bible show big (or ANY) concern that we should look for someone to stand up for our “evangelical rights”?

We (as the culture in the US) are not anywhere close to anti-Christian as we think, especially compared to biblical times. We’ve just enjoyed 200 years of being in a very pro-Christian environment. (Obviously, that is changing over the past few years, or decades.)

Finally, I’m not sure how the author claims we can lose our right to act as a martyr, if you take martyr literally (then again, many Christians today act like martyrs when they are far from it).

I’d just as soon vote for the Libertarian (and I probably will).