I’m definitely not a millennial and yet I have experienced the very same challenges and struggles…
Greg Dickson

This is a very very good point and speaks the power of the human mind. I agree to a certain extent. I will speak for myself here and say that for me, creativity is the continuum of constant flow of energy. Creativity cannot be locked in a box and told to perform at a high level, on a consistent basis.

I think that is where most of the struggle comes. Yes, your mind can be the liberating factor for which some level of freedom can be achieved but at the end of the day the creative spirit for which many millennials feel comes in ebbs and flows and it is extremely tough to feel at your best when you are constantly in rigid environments or situations — whether that be stuck in the office, stuck in the same spot for 8 hours, etc.

This was a really good comment! Thanks for sharing, it definitely provided a different perspective.