My Bootcamp journey so far.

Since the day I got the invitation mail for the Andela Kigali Cycle one Bootcamp, I was super excited and I knew that it will be the most challenging learning experience in my life.

I have sacrificed a lot in my life for this Bootcamp but this blog post is not about things I have left in order to attend this Bootcamp but It is about my learning journey during the Bootcamp.

What I have learned so far?

I can’t call myself a javascript developer but for now, I feel confident about what I know about NodeJS and ExpressJS.

I can’t call myself a scrum master, but I’m learning a lot about project management with pivotal tracker .and can create users stories before starting any project.

I can’t call myself a DevOps engineer but I can now setup tests and build my project with Travis.

I’m not the best time manager but since Monday I knew that I have to be at the Bootcamp place at 9:00, having our daily standups at 10:00, and submit a blog post at 5:00 pm.

I’m not the best communicator, but I’m learning every day by writing blogs post.

I’m not the best in relationship building but I have met some amazing people at the Bootcamp. Let me describe some of them.

Amazing people I have met so far.

- Deo Kmara the man with sandals he is our Learning facilitator assistant(LFA):

I like him because since our first e-meeting he emphasis on some keys qualities we need to demonstrate in order to become good Andelan.

Such as being always in time and checking if our sound system is working before any single meeting with someone. He told us those qualities helps us to be smarts developers and remove any bias a client may have about us.

- Esuka Olivier (the wise man) :

I don’t want to tell you about how many kilometers he travels to attend this Bootcamp but he is wise, he always has simple solutions to all complicated problems.

Every time I tried to complicated my code he always comes up with solutions and helps me.

- Let talk about my teammates @niomwungeri.fabrice, @Evariste, the guys we have been struggling together since the day we received the Bootcamp project, I really like their endurance, some of my teammates have already given up but we are still here together with all the spirit.

Another Bootcamper I have met is Yves IRAGUHA, I call him (mocha — exit) because the first time we met we were debugging an error related to that command. He is like the younger version of myself, he always has the right answer to the right questions.

This blog post is not about amazing people I’m interacting with during the Bootcamp but if it was I could add @gisele, Seremba John Paul, Rotimi Babalola and others LFAs I have met during this Bootcamp (My future colleagues!!).


I know that at the end of the Bootcamp, they will be a decision whereas we made it to the fellowship or not, but as said by our learning facilitator let not focus on the final decision and keep doing the hard work and try everything possible to make it to the fellowship.