The next major platform
Ceci Stallsmith

Hi Ceci, Thanks for sharing your thoughts. One theme that I have been thinking about is trust (as this is an issue that has come up before for some people on certain platforms): A few prongs: 1. trust when platform rules change (I know mobile apps who suffered when IOS said the app developers could no longer do certain things (after years of being ok with what they were doing)— where it was not at all clear that they were trying to protect the people who download apps. 2. Platform competing with products (e.g. music streaming on cellphones... 3. Competing products on the same platform and the role the platform should play to engender trust. Another theme I have been thinking about (related partly to the issue of trust) is the future of platforms — centralized vs decentralized (e.g. ethereum). Would love to hear your thoughts on those :-)