Changing the Narrative
Jacqueline Novogratz

Whenever I next crave that “Rolex” (used as a proxy for anything that I do not really need, despite the persuasive conversation with myself that I really need that item), I will remember I could finance an entrepreneur who will be providing toilets to other 2.5 billion “me” who happen to be born somewhere else. I know this is setting me up for failure — there will be times I will consume the luxury item, but I hope that sometimes I remember that there is another choice that could make me equally happy if not happier!(Just picking on Rolex (sorry), Wikipedia reports revenue of USD 7.4 billion in 2012). Nothing wrong with Rolex, not even anything wrong with many of us who decide to buy a Rolex, but I just keep wondering what the world would be like if our“Rolex”/luxury for many of us would be the ability to enable the other billions of “us” to have access to toilets, clean water, healthcare, education…