New Global Terrorism Map shows 35 years of terror incidents

A new interactive Global Terrorism Analysis Map enables people to view information about terrorist attacks around the world. A dynamic “heat map” shows events by year or type as well as regional changes from 1978 to 2013. For each incident, users can see nearby facilities, weapons, and people affected.

Comparing incidents of terrorism in Portugal and Spain in 1978 (left), 1988 (center), and 1998 (right). Explore the map yourself.

The new terrorism map as created for the Esri Data Viz App Challenge, where geodevelopers we asked to build interactive, meaningful mapping applications that showcase the data visualization power of ArcGIS. Participants used smart mapping, a new ArcGIS capability, and other tools for developers. The Global Terrorism Analysis Map was awarded Second Place in the competition.

View the interactive Global Terrorism Analysis Map.

Learn more about the map.