PJM Transmits More than Energy with Real-Time Information Sharing

“We needed a secure way for people to query our data — without waiting for our annual planning report at the end of the year.” — Frank DiCicco, Senior Analyst and GIS Project Manager, Operations Applications, PJM Interconnection

By Sarah Alban, Esri

PJM Interconnection (PJM) is a regional transmission organization (RTO) that coordinates movement of wholesale electricity. It serves all or part of 13 northeastern states and the District of Columbia. Internally, PJM shares critical energy infrastructure data among teams via secured maps. It also produces a public annual report on its Regional Transmission Expansion Plan (RTEP). Periodically, state agencies, transmission owners, construction companies, and other agencies query PJM for specific data before the RTEP report is released. PJM wanted an easy way to produce these maps.

What did they do?

The utility determined first which RTEP-related information was most often queried. A transmission owner may ask for substation locations, for instance, or a solar panel company may wish to determine potential interconnection points to PJM’s network. PJM with Esri Partner Integral GIS built a public-facing map based on the ArcGIS platform that would answer most external queries. The map lets external agencies directly access this information. The web map is updated in near real time.

Do I need this?

If you, like PJM, have a need for an external version of your GIS data, you could use a web map rather than hand out GIS files. This web map enables the utility to protect its data by providing an easy-to-use viewer while protecting the security of PJM asset data. The web map requires no costly customization and facilitates PJM’s RTEP release.

View PJM’s transmission map at www.pjm.com/documents/maps.aspx.

Learn about maps for energy at esri.com/electric.

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