Supporting Sustainability through the Supply Chain

By Karen Richardson, Esri

Hear Natura’s story at the Esri Business Summit in San Diego, California on July 18 — July 21, 2015. Natura is one of the leading manufacturers and retailers of household products in Brazil. Learn how GIS has helped this innovative company cultivate natural resources sustainably from the Amazon Rain Forest, and ensure that wealth stays within the indigenous communities. They are a prime example of man working with nature in a delicate ecosystem. This case study provides a glimpse into the balanced supply chain that has led this company to the success it enjoys today.

Natura is a manufacturer and marketer of beauty, household, and personal care products. It famously sells through direct representatives and catalogs and has more than 1.2 million personal resellers located in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, France, Mexico, and Peru. Natura sourcing practices conserve biodiversity, and its agroforestry farming and employment strategies build community wealth. Its business practices respect traditional knowledge and values and ensure benefits are equitably shared all along the supply chain.

What did they do?

Working with Imagem, Esri’s distributor in Brazil, Natura staff implemented the ArcGIS platform to collect and distribute supply chain data throughout the company. Production and harvest data, including the locations of thousands of participating farms and over a million direct distributors, is compiled on tablets in the field by using Collector for ArcGIS. This information is combined with business data from SAP and analyzed and published in ArcGIS Online as intuitive maps and apps.

“Using ArcGIS, we share the same data but with different views and tools specific to our workflows,” said Ronaldo Santos de Freitas Gerente, Natura. This streamlines our workflow so we can concentrate on creating quality products and empowering local families.”

Do I need this?

The ArcGIS platform helps meet obligations to farming cooperatives, consumers, and shareholders. Improved traceability and transparency in investments, production, and supply chain infrastructure can be delivered throughout the company from a single platform. Having detailed information and a greater ability to view the entire production chain helps maintain commitments to sociobiodiversity and environmental stewardship.

Don’t Miss the Esri Business Summit Presentation

Don’t miss Paulo Simao, an industry director with Imagem Geosistemas e Comércio Ltda., Esri’s Brazilian distributor present on behalf of Natura at the Esri Business Summit. Paulo is an analytics strategist with more than 10 years in the IT market. He works with everyone from start-ups to big companies, helping them get a grip on big data and make sense of business development. He specializes in business management, marketing, strategic consultancy, systems design, product planning and specification.

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