The Esri User Conference through the eyes of Mansour Raad

Mansour Raad is a senior software engineer at Esri and Esri’s Big Data Advocate. As part of Esri’s development team, he helps users implement Big Data solutions with ArcGIS for Server. He is also a Cloudera Certificate Hadoop Developer and HBase Specialist. You can catch Mansour at the Esri UC this July, presenting technical workshops.

What is your background?

I was born in Lebanon and went to high school in France. I received my Masters of Science in Aerospace Engineering from Boston University. I’ve been doing GIS since 1987. It’s been so long I can’t even remember the specific version of ArcInfo I first learned!

How many Esri UCs have you attended?

I’ve only missed one since 1995 — when my daughter Caroline was born.

What are some hot topics you and your team will be covering at this year’s UC?

I’ll be covering the topics I am passionate about including Big Data ingestion, processing, and visualization.

To learn more about what Mansour has in store for you, watch this video.

What are you preparing for this year?

Return of Killer Apps with my good friend Sajit Thomas — it is always a crowd pleaser.

Why do you like maps?

Maps are a great way to tell a Big Data story.

Aside from your software presentations, what do you look most forward to each year at the conference?

I really love to talk to users and hear their feedback.

When you are aren’t at Esri creating software, what do you most like to do?

I am really into road biking. I have a tradition to bike from Redlands to San Diego for the User Conference with my best friend Russell. This distance is called a 200 metric century and takes us about seven hours.

Catch Mansour at the Esri UC — register now!

Originally published at on April 6, 2015.

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