These Five Maps Will Change the Way You Think About Real Estate

Aug 26, 2015 · 3 min read

By Karen Richardson, Esri

We’ve all heard the mantra: location, location, location. But the most successful real estate companies understand that real value comes from not only location but also insight and timing. You already know where your properties are located and what’s happening around them, but are you making the most of that knowledge? From commercial to residential and beyond, these five maps — and the technology used to create them — will change the way you think about real estate.

Helping David Compete with Goliath

The David Hicks Company is a four-person commercial real estate, consulting, and brokerage firm based in Allen, Texas. Hicks and his staff have established a relationship with Datastory Consulting to enhance the company’s website and implement ArcGIS Online, which provides an interactive mapping interface to help explore locations and information about them such as demographics.

ArcGIS online provides a way for David Hicks’ customers to get an overview of a community so they can find the best available site that meets their needs.

Leveraging geographic knowledge has helped Hicks maximizing his group’s time to compete with larger organizations and better serve customers. Read more.

Spatial Analysis for Commercial Appraisal

Spatial analysis is how we understand our world — mapping where things are, how they relate, what it all means, and what actions to take. In an assessor’s office, spatial analysis can help reduce appeals, communicate assessment information with maps, and defend commercial appeals.

This story map includes detailed text that describes the data and analysis available for supporting commercial appraisal as well as the two workflows developed in collaboration with the Johnson County, Kansas Assessor’s Office. View the map.

25 ‘Hidden Gem’ Residential Real Estate Markets

RealtyTrac has combed the country to find 25 “hidden gem” markets — areas that are little-known, aren’t swarming with big institutional investors, and boast sizeable yields.

The firm based its study on a combination of five factors: median home value (single-family, three-bedroom home), unemployment, median rental value, institutional investor sales, and gross yield. Read more. View the map.

Condominium Development

Between 2007 and 2013, the Washington, DC metro area’s population grew by a total of 574,000 individuals, or in other words, a little more than the population of the city of Portland, Oregon. With the rapid growth of population over the last 15 years, Washington’s residential market has similarly boomed with new construction, residential conversions, and rehabilitations to existing housing stock.

This story map showcases the recent and future growth of condominium development in Washington, DC. For the purposes of narrowing the scope of this map, it includes condominium projects costing a minimum of $10,000,000 that have been completed since January 2012 and those scheduled to deliver by December 2015. View the map.

Available Commercial Properties

Roselle, Illinois is a traditional small town with a focus on tomorrow. Centrally located, Roselle offers accessibility to all points of interest, north, south, east, or west.

To help businesses find the ideal office, retail, industrial, or development sites, the town created an interactive Available Commercial Properties map. View the map.

Learn More

Find out how you can use insight about location to understand what factors really lead to successful developments by using the Esri platform.

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