How to build relationships with colleagues?

Everyone who works in a team, probably, would agree that there is nothing worse than a day on a place where is low pay, and where relations in the team so bad that at the end of the day you want to howl with despair. But even if you will be regularly paid fabulous money, still not everyone would suffer a strained relationship with colleagues. At least, the constant squabbles, quarrels, rumor-mongering, intrigue, etc. I remind myself of a nervous breakdown, emotional stress or fatigue.

Some companies manage to create amazingly warm, friendly atmosphere. Although, as they say, well, where we do not. All this for a stranger may be only an illusion. In any case, atmosphere is extremely important, even in such companies like custom essay writing services, where almost everyone is freelancer, and there are only several guys at the office.

Members of the other companies often continue in some obscure way to coexist under one roof, which then look fall by gossip and the endless grievances.

The team is divided into small groups, and each time turns into a real battle on the battlefield, where everyone is trying to drag the banner of victory on its territory. If you look closely, you will see that there are fighting literally everything: the director and the chief can not divide the money, emerging leaders build each other intrigues, subordinates are trying also to somehow fight for their rights and responsibilities, and each of them expects It will happen next …

Even if you are amazingly friendly, accommodating, peaceful and open to communication people, it is possible that sooner or later you will fall for the bait of intriguers. And work efficiently in such circumstances — not easy, and not a pleasant one. It is clear that all people are different, correct the characters in one day several dozen colleagues, it is simply impossible, and besides stupid and pointless. But what to do can be and should be, it is to try to work on themselves.

Just try to be better

First, remember that time you are working in a team, then consider the opinion of others you need. You can have the opposite point of view, you are not forced to give up their own opinion, you can agree or disagree with the proposed ideas and suggestions, but to listen and try to understand the person, regardless of desire or the mood you owe.

Secondly, be friendly with colleagues. This does not mean that absolutely everyone should be your sidekick. On the contrary. To be friends at work a lot harder than you can imagine. It is much easier to maintain a neutral friendly and respectful relations. Imagine yourself, you have come to the company, we met with someone became friends, started to communicate, to trust all the innermost secrets and secrets, and then one day quarreled so that others lost, and the prospect of working in this place has disappeared, a warm summer day … even more difficult when the person who yesterday was kind of like a friend, today transformed into a bitter enemy, who is trying to annoy you, knowing all your weaknesses and point patients. And begin gossip about your personal life, stories about the wrong husband or generous lover, nowhere are born stories about each employee, if you told under strict condition to keep it a secret, etc. etc.

Be yourself. No one is forcing you to turn into a man whose soul, as they say, wide open. No need to go into detail about each step your after work. Do not shout out loud everything that you think. Even if you are not afraid to lose this place and are ready to answer for his words, believe me, there will always be someone who will take advantage of this opportunity and will turn your every word as he is will be necessary. And then neither you, no one else will be able to convince someone else in your innocence and right.

Try to speak only what you think is necessary, not more. Control your emotions. Do not forget about the sincerity and integrity. Do not try to look better than you really are.

According to research conducted by foreign psychologists, the people are conscious and sensitive, which often compromise, always ready to do the job for others, ultimately rarely moving up the career ladder. These people live for the sake of someone, and their own desire to suppress. Do not take on extra weight, be responsive to the best, do not be afraid to refuse, if it depends on your interests.

And finally, one of the trembling question: what about those who constantly gossip behind your back, who endlessly provokes you and weaves intrigue against you? Do not take the words and deeds of this man close to my heart. Communicate only when it is really necessary. Tell yourself that life is too short to worry about all sorts of villains to spoil his mood and nerves. Be a bad companion for people like him. Shut up or transfer the conversation to another topic, to show that you are not interested. Keep your chat to a minimum, keep calm and be friendly, and every indecent word or deed let them remain on their conscience!

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