Life is more important than business: how a businessman has become a Buddhistic monk

Hubert Drozd successfully earned money in Poland and Russia, but threw a career entrepreneur to become a happy man. Eight years ago, the commercial director of the trading house “Askold” Hubert Drozd resigned his post and became a Buddhist monk Phra Dhamma Vipul. He now teaches at Dipabhavan meditation center, which is located on Ko Samui (Thailand). What led him to the mountain monastery?

“I was born in Warsaw in the family of ordinary workers and went on ordinary way: school, college, I graduated with a degree in” electronics “. But the specialty has not worked a single day — all the while engaged in trade. In the past, I really appreciate the money. And it was the trade on the stock exchange in 19 years. Just in 1991 in Poland and there were opened exchange brokerage companies. It’s funny to remember how it was. On the Internet, no one knew. Quotes published in newspapers, and applications exhibited by phone. Every morning I called the broker company and leave the application. You know, this work had nothing similar with calm business, like dissertation writing services, or opening a butcher’s shop… It brought adrenaline…

It was also not a book on finance. But the market is growing, and I earned it a few thousand dollars — good money in those days. They are very useful to me later, in Russia, in 1998 … Gambling does not require a lot of time, and I began to work in production — at first a simple packer in a tea company in half a year — the sales representative. One of my new acquaintances working with confectionery company “Lorenz Bahlsen.”

He once suggested to me: “Let’s go to Russia, it is no end, the open market, they have nothing there.” And off we went. There was no plan, we did not, did not know the language, connections — no. It was pure adventure. But everything turned out. In 1996, we began to sell products in Russia “Lorenz Bahlsen”: snacks, biscuits, waffles. Registered companies, put the director of a Russian woman and began to carry cars from Poland products. In St.Petersburg it was reloaded into wagons and sent to the regions.

What about foreigners?!

Foreigners had a huge advantage. All shops, all trading network worked for bribes. Just sometimes it’s called a bribe straightforward, sometimes back, sometimes more civilized — “welcome bonus”. I, as a foreigner, pretended not to understand anything. “Well, we do not mind to pay you 2% cash, but you will understand, this is not our products. What do we tell the Germans about this? We’ll pay, no problem, just tell me, we talk to Germans? Where, in any section of the estimates indicate line “- he was pressing me on the Russian director. He sighed, sighed, and wag his hand: “Ah, well, let’s.” I think the Russian did not want to lose face in front of a foreigner. Even when they began to conduct business in a civilized way, when they began to draw up contracts, which is prescribed “welcome bonus”, it helped.

However, no special horror was not. They took the goods on credit and not paid after 15 days and six months and only half, if not paid.

Well, we began to lay the risks in the price of products. Then came the year 1998 the devaluation occurred in Russia, and our company urgently needed dollars — for settlements with suppliers who do not want to hear about the Russian problems. This is where my money and useful — I have invested more than $ 10 000 and became co-owner of the company. However, I was a businessman of no. Then such opportunities were! A friend of mine, a Pole, they took advantage. He told me: “Hubert, you have to go to the landfill. Red Army is no more, and the tanks were. “ He offered to cut them in pieces, send to Poland and take for scrap. I had good contacts in the rail. But I did not want to. He earned it.

In St. Petersburg, I was quite a wealthy man, with income above average — I had a car, I bought an apartment, and then another… I’ve never worked for money. Just for the sake of buzz, but for the sake of excitement, just because it’s interesting. However, interest waned. I left the company in 2006 — realized that this phase of life has passed. At the same time he separated from his wife. He began to think, what to do, how and why to build a life.

For some time, again out of interest, he worked as a taxi driver, “bomber.”

At its own taxi mafia, all the seats are allocated, and a lot of money. He came up to me on the square Rebellion senior — and asks what I’m doing here, how dare stand up. And then says a lot of interesting words. And at the end: “What are you, in Russian do not understand?” I told him honestly say, “Not very well, I’m a foreigner.” Since they were introduced. Then it turned out that his grandmother from Poland. Again — I allowed a lot because I’m a foreigner. Dali location on Nevsky Prospect, on Uprising Square. It was an interesting time acquainted with people who know them.

Way to myself

At the same time I began to practice meditation. Faith — this is not my way. In Buddhism, it is not necessary to take nothing for granted. Buddhism is very similar to the business. You can be a good theorist, but have no business. You can hold seminars and teach others how to make money, but to be poor. In religion the same thing. It is possible to believe, but this is not to be able to see, do, experience. And the other one can not know anything, but feel their job.

Business — is a practice that is not a theory. And Buddhism — is the practice of the happy life. This is the way of experience rather than knowledge or skill. If we practice meditation if we cultivate mindfulness, awareness, let go of your desires, we begin to live happily. We manage the business of his life. I can not say I’m not a layman, but I believe that the Buddhist practice can make life happier in all spheres — family, work.

Why I decided to become a monk? Before, my life was like surfing — on the crest of a wave, fast, fun. But I decided to go diving — is the same, but deeper. Other emotions, other thoughts, other feelings. Buddhist practice — is diving into itself. In 2006, I found through the Internet in St. Petersburg Thai monk who organized my vows. Become a Buddhist monk is easy and even convenient — it can be done at any time. I can at any time remove the orange robe and return to the worldly life.

The last four years I was a teacher Dipabhavan meditation center. I teach people how to meditate, get acquainted with the Buddhist practices and principles, and in the end — in order to become happier. What is interesting Buddhism? It has no dogma. And everyone can take what it sees fit. Someone is doing meditation Anapanasati (concentration and observation of your breath -.. Forbes), someone — a meditation of loving kindness, to develop compassion.

I am opposed to people stuck on labels — I’m good, I’m practical, I am a Christian, I am a Buddhist. It divides people and creates conflicts in society and within the person.

When we practice Buddhism, we can see how fulfilled the law of kamma (Sanskrit word sounds like “karma”). Simply put, it is the law of cause and effect. It is very simple to understand. Our every action, every word, every thought, intention and desire to cause something to the next, what happens to them. Everything we do leaves its mark on our hearts and in our minds.
Very often, business and money harden people, such people are paying less attention to the means for them is only important goal. And it goes to the family and friendly level.

It is impossible to be tough in business and at home — soft and sincere.

Especially for these people we carry in our heart retreats. Our students are silent all seven days of the retreat — talking is not allowed, even on everyday topics. In addition, it is forbidden to use any electronic devices (all of them shall be in a locker), read, take notes. These conditions are designed to ensure that we can devote maximum time the study itself. About seven hours a day we meditate. And then, when we return to our lives, we see that it is necessary to change and improve, but from what should be abandoned. Retreat — is both a health spa, and a gym for the soul.

I know that many people say that to die and become a monk — it is an escape. But it does not change anything in my life, when clearly there is a need, and the habit to pull the strap uninteresting business owner — it is also an escape. It is fear of change.

I have no dreams, no savings, no thoughts and regrets about the past — and have no plans. But I’m sure if I want to, then easily return to secular life. I do not feel helpless. Again, I can engage in trade. During the eight years of monasticism was only one time, about fifteen minutes when I thought — instead of whether to come back? But I’m interested to continue this way. I meditate a lot, and it’s never boring.

I caused a lot of suffering to others. But I do not feel guilt. Because it draws us into the past. I try to develop a sense of responsibility. I understand that this can end at any moment. I have only today to practice. Only this retreat center, only these terms to help people. Maybe in a month there will be nothing. A sense of responsibility — this is what we can do at the moment.
Do not think that the monks — these hermits or fanatics. I have friends, monks, and we’re talking the usual themes. In a monastery which rules where a rector who went where. In Thailand, the monks still talk about politics, it’s so interesting, revolutions often occur. We are talking about the new gadget, about the software. Monks often give money, and some decide to use them. And since we have little personal things and we had especially not necessary, we just live in, and the money collected.