It’s days like today that remind me what I’m trying to do. You know, those days where life totally kicks you in the stomach 20 times to remind you life can sometimes be an asshole. Yeah, today was one of those days. Well actually it’s been one of those years. But anyways, thing is rejection is hard as fuck. But the more you are rejected, the easier it is to dust yourself off and get back up and keep on truckin’.

Failure. People think rejection is to fail. It’s something society has engrained in us, and yes, I too fight with the rejection = failure equation in my daily life. Thing is, we have the power to change this equation.

Rejection = a learning opportunity. Failure = a learning opportunity. We all know these equations, we’ve heard them from our elders and educators as mantras. Thing is we rarely listen! But when we do, motivation and opportunities can open doors we never imagined in our minds. Things that never existed!

Today I got rejected from my dream film festival to premier my first ever documentary film. It certainly hurt. But I know this rejection is a learning opportunity. I definitely cried, pitied myself for a bit, but then took my ass home to write this here message to myself and to you all reading this. Just because one person or company doesn’t see my vision the way I do, doesn’t mean I’m a failure. It means they’re not the right audience for my vision. And while I would have loved that audience to be aligned with me, it’s just not going to happen this time around. And that’s okay, because what the future holds is an opportunity I never have imagined yet. ❤

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