Go get yourself an identity crisis

I love getting to know people. Not because I’m desperate for a new friendship or that I’m having romantic intentions but purely for curiosity. When we learn a new life story, we most often learn a new perspective towards life as well. The encounter doesn’t have to be merely positive because, in the end, the most negative feelings can become the most valuable ones.

We tend to reflect our values through others. We might get irritated because a friend or a stranger acts against our values. Maybe says something that we experience as a personal insult. There are basically three ways we can handle these situations: (1) try to forget about it, (2) get mad at the other person or (3) question our own values and try to analyze what triggered this feeling of ours.

I would strongly recommend going for the last option, which is obviously the hardest one. When we stop taking our thinking and behaviour for granted, we also open the door for uncertainty. It might be intimidating to realize that what we genuinelly believe can actually be against the common norm or something our parents used to teach us. Hello identity crisis. But that’s what growing is all about. Getting as many identity crises as possible without completely losing our emotional balance. Easier said than done for sure.

Therefore, I challenge you to meet as many new people as you can. Do your networking based on variety instead of similarities. Start a conversation, dare to respectfully disagree. Hopefully you’ll come up with numerous unpleasant situations. Because you and your inner growth are worth it. Always remember to thank the person who made you think in the first place.

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