Is sexism part of Instagram?

Scrolling through Instagram I have noticed young girls posting overly sexualised images of their body, posing in a similar fashion. But what was very unsettling were the comments added by friends, for example ‘Im gunna bang you out’ was one of many vulgar remarks. How is this okay? I understand how some feminists argue that women are entitled to own their mind and body, viewing it as a feminist act against societies conforming image of women. However, as a generation indulged by technology , media’s position has become so manipulative that more and more people are creating their self-image online, aiming to gain the most ‘likes’.

Feminism is slowly loosing its significance in our society as many seek empowerment through the presentation of their body online, drifting away from real issues such education for all and the liberation of gender roles.

As a feminist, seek those subtle forms of sexism and challenge them.