4 easy ways to prevent exercise-related injuries

As a fitness coach, I take injury prevention seriously. The reason is because I had my own fair share of exercise-related injuries as a novice exerciser.

Looking back now, I wish I had someone to tell what to do to prevent those injuries. Exercise-related injuries are real. These 4 tips can help you avoid them.

#1- Wear proper shoes

You cannot wear the same shoes for every type of exercise you do. For example, running shoes are not designed for dance aerobics classes. The reason is because running shoes are not designed for multidimensional movements. They are designed for linear movements.

Aerobics class, on the other hand, involves multidimensional movements. And the specific shoes designed for multidimensional movements are called cross-trainers. These shoes provide support for the exerciser as she moves in multiple planes of motion.

Wearing the right shoes for the right exercise is important for injury prevention.

#2- Don’t keep up with the Janes the athletes

Fitness training is about progression, you have to be able to crawl first before you attempt to walk. You cannot jump from crawling to running because your friends are running and you want to keep up with them. No, you must earn your fitness at that level before you can use.

The pressure to exercise harder and longer like you friends can increase your risk of exercise-related injuries. I am not saying you should not push yourself out of your comfort zone. What I am saying is, don’t push yourself out of your safety zone because you want to keep up with the Janes. Give yourself the permission to progress in a way that is safe.

And please, don’t be fooled by the 20 seconds of exploit you see on Instagram and Facebook. It is easy for many people to go all out for a 20 seconds Instagram video. You have no idea what is going on behind the scene.

#3- Cross-train

Doing the same exercise every day for several weeks can cause an overuse injury. Even pro athletes who train for specific sports still cross-train. Don’t just do one type of exercise every day. Supplement your favourite exercise with another exercise to prevent injuries.

#4- Rest

Your body does not get stronger when you are working out. It gets stronger during recovery. Don’t have an “all day, every day” approach to fitness training. Make rest a part of your training because rest is an integral part of every good exercise program.

Exercise is a double-edged sword, it can make you strong and fit. And it can cause injury if you don’t follow proper training protocol. Following the tips listed above will help reduce the risk of exercise-related injuries.

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