On my way, I only see mistrust

A photograph taken by Sako Cat’s in my own town

I have tried to publish some posts on Medium but I was feeling it doesn’t have sense when they are independants. They all treat about what I see everyday : mistrust. There is mistrust between people but also in future.

What I’m keen on telling to you is only about facts.

A material society made by humans without humanity

Originally I’m the kind of optimistic person who thinks that tomorrow will not be so bad since we‘re acting. But while I’m just leaving my school, coming back to home, I can only see poverty and I don’t know how to act against.

  1. I see homeless people

Near the railroad station, withdrawing money, I have enough time to hear their conversation. They were a group of 2 or 3 people surronding by their dogs. They were speaking together because they feel the same. While I was still waiting for my notes. What a paradox. What I remember about this discussion was the man saying :

“ My dog is everything to me. If someone touches to my dog, I’ll kill him”

The girl approved.

2. I see people I can only call “imigrants”

Homeless people are surronding by others with a lack of integration in our society as they keep their mother tongue and have built a fence between us and them. Those who I’m talking about have created their own small grocery so that they don’t have to be in a daily in touch with others. But why ? Why they’re not able to be integrated?

When I just walk by their side I’m frightening because I feel like a stranger. I don’t know what they are talking about and even less how to talk with them. Perhaps the way I react is the consequence of their identitarian closure. Surely if they have been welcomed in our country with the same kind of behaviour I have It’s understandable.

3. I see cops having to justify themselves

While I was crossing the road, the traffic lights were passing from green to red. I’ve seen a man whose glancing in my direction. Then I hear, back to me a cop saying :

“ See, we’re stoping too”

The man shaked his head. And I was really surprised. It was the first time I saw this kind of situation. A situation where mistrust was so palpable. Above all with the public forces.

4. I see “No future” written on the floor

In my way to the railroad station (in an other town than the one I’m talking to before), I’ve seen these two words and this concerns me. In fact even if we are in a life of opportunities by our supposed freedom, it is just an illusion; we have a spectrum of opportunities while we just have a finished life. It’s okay I already knew it. But what It made me thinking about is about the person who wrote these two words. He must feels he’s part of a hostile society. I would like to know whose engraved his feeling while the only thing I can do is supposed who he was.

My daily life tells me about the lack of humanity our society suffers. I would like to find the keys to make a change. Not to change my town into a perfect one but try to establish dialogue between people instead of ignorance. Chirstmas cheerfulness makes me think about all the lonely people sleeping behind the christmas lights. We can make change only by considering each one who is crossing our road as a human being. I’m sure.

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