Essential in Life #32

I forgot how important girl time was (if you’re a girl). Throughout time, we all get too preoccupied with our personal lives that we forget what is important for the soul. I treasure the time I get to spend with my girlfriends as much as the time I have for myself. It’s a good, mutual thing where both parties benefit by spending quality time with each other — You share stories, emotions, passion, lessons, struggles and simply being emotionally invested in another person while learning simultaneously. Friendship is important because it’s like.. you know where in a textbook, you can briefly read a summary or a narrative before diving into the chapter? Well, in the same way, when your friends share a lesson that you haven’t quite gone through.. 1. You’re better prepared if that situation occurs to you. 2. You never have to step in the same fire by awareness. Anyway, I’m just so grateful for lifelong friendships and that’s all for now.

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