Can This Machine Help With Escaping Poverty, Fending off Disease and Pursuing Education?

Sierra Leone Girls School, West Africa

It’s March 2019, and shockingly, Newsweek has to remind the world on World Water Day that,

“We would be very foolish indeed to forget that water is life.”

It’s 2019, and Business Insider stated,

“People wait in line for water…”

“Residents also line up for hours to fill their plastic jugs with water from local springs…trek of multiple miles…hoarding water…”

“Counting down to “Day Zero”, when it was estimated to run completely out of water…”

A solution?

At St. Joseph’s girls school in Sierra Leone, West Africa, they have a solution.

Watergen placed a GEN-350 unit in Sierra Leone, West Africa, at a girls school and students are happily lining up, filling up water bottles.

“Citizens with access to clean water have a better chance of escaping poverty, fending off disease, and pursuing an education.

Here’s what they are saying in Sierra Leone:

“It tastes fine. Technology!”

“It’s cold!”

“It’s good? It’s good!”

“Go to class! Go to class!”

All smiles.

Thank you Watergen.

These machines pull clean drinking water out of thin air, and they might be a solution to the global water crisis.